Dillingham "Esprit"

Dillingham Furniture produced "Esprit" from approximately 1962-1968. Designed by Merton Gershun, there are some interesting components to "Esprit" that were shared among designs he did for American of Martinsville Furniture. For example, the china cabinet / hutch for Esprit is very similar to the American of Martinsville "Dania II" hutch (link here). The interior drawers that were concealed behind doors are also quite similar to the Dania & Dania II drawer fronts, white with a curved top. However, despite the similarities, "Esprit" is still a great line and Gershun designed several other Dillingham lines which are somewhat rare and still desirable.


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These pictures of an "Esprit" catalog were found online.



We located these newspaper advertisements from between 1962 & 1968: