Moving to a new storefront

Moving to a new storefront

Since we started our business in 2018, we have been operating mostly online. Initially, we did sales out of our garage! But we quickly grew into needing more space and moved into a storage facility. This allowed us flexibility on space, convenient location, and the ability to either consolidate and store items that need restoration - plus the option to create miniature “showrooms:"


However, with the amount of inventory we typically have in stock, a need for more space arose - not to mention that a real showroom is great to have! As a result, we began a six month search for a retail or warehouse space - finally resulting in our move to Norwood in October 2023.

After we decided to move in, we had some choices to make: would we build any custom storage, or just use the available floor space?

That decision was made for us! We quickly realized we had a chair problem:


So we worked with carpenters to build a great shelving system to store a whole bunch of chairs (pictured below)! And we set out organizing the space to fill with beautiful mid century modern furniture from Denmark, England, and the US! Here’s our Alaskan Klee Kai, Laika, waiting for a treat after watching furniture moving for a few hours…

We are officially opening on October 28. More photos to come in future posts!

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