Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

Hello all! It's a pleasure to have you here! It's great to have a true online storefront and we have to give credit to ModFactory for helping us set up the site and offering advice and feedback (and by the way, if you're based in DMV, check them out - they're great!).

Before launching this website, we had a very simple landing page linked to our Instagram and email. The old landing page just featured some basic pictures from our prior inventory (really, just some of our favorite pieces and lines) to show a sampling of the type of pieces we get in stock:  

Before that, all we had was our Instagram page! A huge advantage of this storefront is its ability for powerful searches, organization, and high-quality photo upload. Not to mention, we can post more pictures per piece and we can incorporate our Calendar sign-up page.

One final improvement, which we will certainly delve into in future posts, is that we can finally share our collection of vintage catalogs & advertisements! Be sure to check that out if you would like to see a huge collection that we have spent years amassing - from American manufacturers such as Drexel, Broyhill, Bassett, American of Martinsville, United, Kent Coffey, and Lane -- all the way to the UK with G-Plan, Beithcraft, White & Newton, and Younger:


We shall endeavor to post more about how we started, our process, information about historic pieces, and more!

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